for an Ethiopian society
safe for women and children

Family Service Association

The idea to start FSA Nederland was born during a fundraising visit by the director of FSA Ethiopia, Lettegabriel Hailu, to the Netherlands, to help her and her staff in their care for abused women. The major funding agencies were reorganizing themselves and it was clear that funding wouldn’t come from the Dutch government in the measure it used to.

A group of interested people took up the challenge and started FSA Nederland in 2011 aiming to support FSA Ethiopia. FSA Nederland is a  non-profit organization and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of commerce under nr. 52004244.

Family Service Association (FSA) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization established in the year 2000 by a group of volunteer Ethiopian professionals with rich experience in gender, social work, human development, RH/FP and HIV/AIDS as well as other multi-sector development. It was registered as a legal entity with the Ministry of Justice in 2006. Following the    Charities and Societies Law of 2010, it was re-registered, under the registration number 0622, as an "Ethiopian Resident Charity", and its license was renewed in 2013.

FSA is established to maintain and/or increase the intimate relationship of the family, the nucleus of the community and society. Moreover, it aims to alleviate the socio-economic problems facing women, youth, children, and other disadvantaged segments of society in response to increasing incidents of violence against women (VAW) and children. For more information on FSA Ethiopia we gladly refer to the heading “FSA Ethiopia”.

FSA-The Netherlands
tel.: 0031615576233
Lettegebriel Hailu
Postbus 54578
Addis Abeda, Ethiopia