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It is a good habit that children in Ethiopia bring their lunch with them to school. Unfortunately many children are not able to do so. Among those who can’t bring their lunch are a number who are infected with HIV/aids. It is especially this group (but not exclusivily) that FSA Ethiopia would like to help in having a lunch to render the medicines they take more effective.

FSA Nederland supported FSA Ethiopia during 2013 with € 1795 to provide meals in two schools for 30 children from poor families. This was successful and made us decide to continue supporting the programme during 2014/2015 (see heading “Project description”)

The average cost of one meal is € 1,00. FSA Nederland wants to support 30 children at two different schools throughout the whole schoolyear. This means that one child needs about€ 130,00

We plan to realize this through:

A “€ 5  initiative”. To make our schoolfeeding programme successful  we ask people to contribute €5 /month to ensure continuity of the project.

“Clothing exchange gatherings”. We know this phenomenon: clothing too small or too big; things we bought and feel sorry we did buy, but still keep them in our wardrobe. Therefore FSA Nederland organises “clothing exchange gatherings”. Interested parties can exchange clothing while having fun and enjoy something to eat and  drink. In exchange we ask for a small donation and the total is to support the schoolfeeding programme.

Connecting schools. At present we are visiting schools at various places in the Netherlands to try and interest them in supporting the schoolfeeding programme in Ethiopia. We aim at support lasting (if possible) more than a year. Children  and staff are informed and motivated via documentation and PP.

Other intiatives which brought in money are:

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