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General plan of action Familie Service Associatie-Nederland

Familie Service Associatie-Nederland (FSA Nederland)  is a foundation, founded on February 7, 2011 (Chamber of Commerce nr. 52004244), aiming at  providing  Family Service Association – Ethiopia (FSA Ethiopia) with moral and financial support. The latter is an NGO working in Ethiopia in the field of ameliorating the position of woman and girls. Notably the organisation is active  in the field of both prevention of domestic and sexual violence and support after this kind of violence has taken place.
FSA runs two safe houses in Addis Abeba, the capital city of Ethiopia, where women and girls are welcome who have been abused. Furthermore a considerable contribution is provided to a solution of the socio-economic problems of these women and girls. Youth, children and other vulnerable groups in society are not forgotten.

The policy of FSA  Nederland directs its focus to the following:

to help FSA Ethiopia in its work to improve the position of vulnerable groups in society.

Policy resolutions 2014/2015.

  To support FSA Ethiopia financially so that they:
a. can work on improving the health situation of  vulnerable groups  of children in two schools in Addis Abeba.
b. Can continue to eradicate the problem of domestic and sexual violence by informing people on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and violence against women and girls.


Generation of funds:

To be able to support FSA Ethiopia financially FSA Nederland plans to engage in actions which generates funds both from private people as well as from organisations.

  1. We will contact schools and ask these to twin with our schools in Addis Abeba.
  2. To give presentations about the work of FSA Ethiopia to clubs, institutions etc.
  3. Private sponsors and organisations will be approached to help. We will do this via flyers, posters, a regular Newsletter and at certain occasions with a special card.
  4. We plan to set up groups who will be friends of FSA Nederland and are willing to spend time in organizing activities
  5. Organizing of  çlothing exchange occasions to both generate funds  as well as spread info on our work.
  6. By selling products produced by the target group in Ethiopia
  7. To provide information via our FSA website.

If needed other activities will be organized.

FSA-The Netherlands
tel.: 0031615576233
Lettegebriel Hailu
Postbus 54578
Addis Abeda, Ethiopia