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Amnesty International invites FSA to comment on Ethiopian film

Amnesty International invited FSA Nederland to discuss with the public the content of the Ethiopian film ‘Difret’ which defends womens rights at it showings in Eindhoven and Tilbury on April 13 en 22, 2015 resp.

Hirut (14) on her way home from school is kidnapped by 7 men, one of them being a lover whom she  declined before. He now wants to marry her by kidnapping (‘telefa’). During the night he rapes her by which her fate seems a fact. De next morning she attemps to escape and during the proceeding skirmish she shoots her husband-to-be. The consequences are enormous because local  customs dictate that she has to die. Then a famous female lawyer, Meaza Asfenafi, steps in. She provides Hirut temperarily with a safe house and starts the most  important court case of her career. Her argument is that Hirut acted in self-defence and that she therefore should be acquitted. The local community’s opinion however is quite different.

‘Difret’ is based on a true story of a 14 year old girl Aberash Bekele (Hirut). She is accused of murdering the 29 year old man who kidnapped her, beat and  raped her, in order to marry her. She was defended by Meaza Ashenafi of the EWLA (Ethiopian Women Lawyers’ Association).

While the public of the Eindhoven showing was less engaged, those in Tilburg got involved in a lively discussion on the tension between an official  law of a country and what in fact happens in the country side in the field of child marriage, forced marriage and womens’ rights in general.

FSA is happy to have been invited to contribute to his important discussion.

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