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School Project interim Report

The school feeding project has started in two schools. The first school that is selected for this project is ‘Edeget Behebret’:- an elementary school located in the shanty area of kirkos sub city, Addis Ababa. The children of this school mostly are from poor families, single parent headed households and orphans who have no or little assistance from their guardians so as to be sitting in school and learn. High proportions of these children come to school with an empty stomach. It is from these children that the school administration selected 17 children having in mind that they are in a worse situation than the others.

One of our beneficiaries from our previous project who is running a small cafeteria business in the school attends to these children. She prepares the meals and makes sure that they are fed as well as provide them with a motherly love and attention. From our observation and from the random interviews we had with the teachers and the students the food is very tasty and they are happy that they are getting the service.

The second school that was selected for this project is ‘Yebrehan Guzo’. A government owned kindergarten located at Yeka Subcity Addis Ababa. The school gives service to children who are from a destitute family background. Students of this school are mostly from women headed households and poor families. Most of these mothers are burdened with raising many children, meeting their basic needs, sending them to school and provide them with minimal school materials. Since these parents have a meager income they usually fail to send their children to school and those who were able to send their children to school have nothing to put in the children’s lunch box. Hence, the children come to school with an empty stomach and stay the whole day having nothing to eat. With the starting of the school project 15 children were selected out of the total students as having parents who can’t afford to provide them meal. These students are now provided with a daily lunch.

The food for students of Yeberehan Guzo is prepared by one of our cooperatives that are engaged in producing foods like injera (staple food), bread (Ambasha), cookies and different pastries like ‘dabokolo’. Members of this cooperative prepare the meal and put it in a lunch box which FSA purchased for this purpose and take it to the school on time to serve the kids. These children have a scheduled lunch menu that can be revised based on the children’s and the teacher’s suggestion as well as to adjust the nutrition content of the meal.


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