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Visit to two schoolfeeding projects

On Wednesday January 23 2014 Elly Boon visited two schools which take part in FSA’s school feeding program.

Ye Berhane Guzo (journey towards the light) is a Kindergarden in Yeka district.

This government school has 85 pupils the majority of whom are from poor and/or ‘one-parent households’. They  come to school without having eaten breakfast and without carrying a luncheon box. 
The school is located on spacy grounds with a playing area and a block of toilets paid for by FSA which facilitated also the construction. During the break the kids run towards the block which has a number of taps at the outside of the building. They wash their hands and proceed towards their respective dining-places.

FSA Nedeland had given money to provide meals for 15 of these children. The children who brought their own lunch have a separate room.
“Our”  15 receive each a luncheon box with wot (a hot sauce) and injera (a kind of big pancake). This food has been prepared by women who take part in the micro-finance project, also supported by FSA Ethiopia.
Outside two kids are sitting on the porch, they have nothing to eat. Though they do not take part in the program, the leader calls them in and they share a luncheon box with two other children.
The project has a positive effect on the children. The director tells us that the children are more healthy and much more alive. They give the impression to be happy.

Edeget Behebret (progress through cooperation) school in Kirkos ditrict.

This school  (grades 1 through 8) has 600 pupils out of whom many are from very poor parents. Their progress is hampered by lack of food. Circumstances at home make the kids go to school with an empty stomach and without a luncheon box. Through the financial intervention of FSA Nederland 17 children have been selected and receive a daily meal. The teachers are very motivated and contribute each month 10 Birr ( 0,40 Euro, which is generous in view of their low salary) towards the FSA-run feeding program. This is exceptional in the Ethiopian context. In all 44 children in this school are being fed.

There are also local institutions (Shereton hotel e.g.)  which help the school with material and
student uniforms.
The meals are, as in  Ye Berhane guzo prepared by ladies  who take  part in the micro-finance program of FSA. As in the other school the kids who take part in the program, take their food in a separate room.
The school director expressed his appreciation for the help offered.  Also he suggested that the children’s performance increases through better concentration. He expressed the hope that we would be able to help more of his children in  the near future.

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